About Me

I'm a software engineer and data scientist with a passion for open source, data science for social good, great documentation, kind communities, and good writing. I organize/have organized several technical Meetups and conferences. I also speak regularly at conferences and Meetups. I publish a weekly newsletter, too. When I'm not doing that, I contribute to open source. Is this list getting too long? When I'm not writing code or answering emails, you can find me running or drinking tea.


I have a blog and a weekly newsletter. Check them out!


I love to speak at conferences! You can view a list of my previous speaking engagements or contact me about speaking at your conference!

Open Source

The best code is open code! I actively contribute to several Python and JavaScript open source projects. You can check out my contributions on my GitHub. I'm always happy to talk open source and help make the open source community better so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you feel the same!

Hire Me!

I work as an independent consultant and want to help you build the next great thing at your company. If you're in need of a data analyst, front-end developer, technical writer, or developer evangelist — I'm here to help!