Safia Abdalla is an open source developer and writer with a passion for community building and knowledge sharing.

Who Is Safia

Safia is an open source developer and writer. She mostly writes code in JavaScript, see for yourself on her GitHub. When she is not writing code, she can be found organizing PyData Chicago, a community of folks who are interested in open source scientific software and open science. When she's not doing that, she can be found drinking black tea, reading on her Kindle, or running outside.

Safia maintains open source projects like legit, goops, commentator, checklist, brief, giddy, fony, and many more. She is also an active collaborator and contributor on the Jupyter and nteract ecosystems. Safia likes building minimal but productive and powerful tools.

Safia works with David Beazley to present semi-regular office hours on Python and data science. You can view the schedule for these office hours at this webpage.

Safia is available for hire for technology consulting and corporate technical trainings. If your business is interested in exploring what kind of help Safia might be able to give you, please send her an email.

Where Safia Speaks

Storytelling and speaking are Safia's favorite ways to share knowledge. She has presented keynotes, workshops, technical talks, and non-technical talks at a variety of conferences. She's also appeared on a couple of podcasts too. Check them out at this page!

The Captain's Log

Safia has a monthly publication known as The Captain's Log where she writes about technology, society, running, and anything else she likes. You can subscribe to the monthly publication via email below.

How To Contact Safia

Want to get in touch with Safia about something? Try emailing her.

Where To Find Safia Online

You can find Safia on Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, or her blog.