Safia Abdalla is an open source developer and writer with a passion for community building and knowledge sharing.

Who Is Safia

Safia is building Zarf, an online platform for independent writers producing subscription content. When she's not doing that, she can be found drinking black tea, reading on her Kindle, or running outside.

Safia maintains open source projects like legit, goops, commentator, checklist, brief, giddy, fony, and many more. She is also a collaborator on the nteract project. Safia likes building minimal but productive and powerful tools.

Where Safia Speaks

Storytelling and speaking are Safia's favorite ways to share knowledge. She has presented keynotes, workshops, technical talks, and non-technical talks at a variety of conferences. She's also appeared on a couple of podcasts too. Check them out at this page!

Notes from the Maker

Safia publishes a weekly series on Zarf on the experiences and lessons learned as a solo, female technical founder. In Notes from the Maker, you'll find technical blog posts, lessons learned on successful sales strategies, marketing strategies, and a variety of other stories all about building software startup.

Interested in Notes from the Maker? You can check it out over on Zarf!

Safia Runs the World

Safia is on a personal mission to run all 50 states in the United States and all (but probably most) countries in the world. She's starting off with the United States right now and you can follow her progress on this map.

How To Contact Safia

Want to get in touch with Safia about something? Try emailing her.

Where To Find Safia Online

You can find Safia on Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, or her blog.